Buttercream wedding cakes with fresh flowers by Calley’s Cakes Sussex

I loved creating this beautiful wedding cake for a wonderful couple who got married at the stunning Capron House In Midhurst. 

So elegant and yet so simple in design. 


Some cake makers dislike all buttercream cakes in the summer due to the adverse effect weather can have on them. Too hot and a buttercream wedding cake can start to melt! However with some tricks of the trade buttercream wedding cakes can be made in all weather conditions. 

For example in hot weather switching the outer coating layer to a mix of royal icing sugar and normal icing sugar in your buttercream ensures a hardier and more robust cake coating able to withstand heat as long as it’s not in direct sunlight or too close to a heat source.  If you prefer chocolate this style of cake is also great in white chocolate ganache.


As much as we cake artists adore creating wonderful sugar flowers, fresh flowers will always be popular with couples. Our job is to try and ensure they are safe to use on your Cake. 

For this there are a few options. 

1) A dummy Cake with cutting cakes 

This is always the safest option we can create a display Cake for your wedding where you can display any manner of fresh flowers on your cake. For your guests to eat a cutting cake can be made and served. No one any the wiser that the cake that was on display is still intact. This is an option if you are having flowers and foiliage of the poisonous variety. 

2) Organic food safe edible flowers. 

This option is fantatsic there are many fantastic varieties of edible flowers that are grown with the intention of being eaten stunning Violas, pansies and Marigolds are just a few options. These can be pressed into your Cake to create a stunning decor or scattered to enable your guests to try some edible flowers with their cake. Why not pair it with some floral flavours such as lavender, rose and violet? 

3) Choose non poisonous varieties. 

Many brides choose to obtain their wedding flowers from their florist. Please ensure your florist is aware they will be placed on a cake as they are the ones with the responsibility for providing a food safe product and ensuring the flowers are non poisonous, non toxic and suitable.

As a cake maker I have worked with many florists across Sussex and I always try to ensure your cake is safe for your guests. We can do this with a few Cake tricks such as using floral tape to wrap the stems and inserting them into post pics before placing them on or into your Cake, we can use clear acetate to limit contact between the flowers and the cake if nessacary this is barely noticeable, and there are a few products such as safety seal which seals the stems in a food safe wax.

4) choose sugar flowers 

We can create most any flower from sugar matching in size, colour and variety a good cake maker should be able to create you a stunning floral cake from sugar and best of all the flowers can be kept as a memento of your day. 

5) Silk Flowers 

There are some amazing silk florals on the market now that look almost real we are always happy to advise you on these and advise on suppliers if you wish to have your flowers to match your bouquet and table decor. 

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